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Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Howell Hill Missionary Baptist Church
Church Constitution

The name of this organization is Howell Hill Missionary Baptist Church and it is duly organized and is a non-profit organization and is accountable to no association and is under no control of Local or Federal Government, we are committed to the laws of God. Howell Hill Missionary Baptist Church is autonomous and is determined to follow the Word of God and not political correctness. We believe the laws of the government should be followed unless they contradict with the Law of God. The word of God is not up for debate, Howell Hill Missionary Baptist Church is not subjected to any interpretation from any one or any group. We will follow God.

This Church shall be devoted to the salvation of souls and the building up of believers through the preaching of the whole Word of God. It shall be a Church home for true believers and their families where they may be fed on the Word, developed spiritually, and trained for usefulness in service. The constant aim shall be to carry the gospel to the lost everywhere, both at home and abroad.

This Church, as a New Testament Church, cannot "join" anything outside itself, but only affiliate therewith on grounds of fellowship.

Howell Hill Missionary Baptist Church has Biblical convictions, and is opposed to all apostasy and compromise. If any association should waiver from this Biblical stand, this church, in standing true to the Word itself, could no longer fellowship with this association.

All whose names appear upon the rolls of this church are members, but only those upon the "active" list shall have the right to vote. The names of members who move from our area shall be placed on the “inactive” roll until they return to the area. Members under discipline shall have their names placed on the “disciplinary” roll, having no right to vote, and may not be granted a letter of “good and regular standing”. Members who have not reached their sixteenth birthday shall not have right to vote.

Anyone professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, giving evidence of change of heart, and declaring himself (or herself) in accord with the principles, practices and statement of faith of this church may become a candidate for church membership.

Candidates for Church membership shall appear personally before the congregation and shall be admitted to membership by majority vote of the congregation. Howell Hill Missionary Baptist Church may decide for acceptance or rejection and each candidate shall give his (or her) personal testimony before the Church or join by letter from like believing Church.

It will be expected of members that they shall respect the Pastor and officers of the Church and co-operate with them to the best of their ability in every project for the advancement of the work. They will be expected to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Church Covenant of the Church and to agree without any reservation with its Statement of Faith. They will be expected to live exemplary Christian lives; to abstain from all appearance of evil in speech and conduct; to live a life separate from the worldly practices, and to faithfully attend the services of the Church.

Whenever a member joins another church, their names shall be removed from our church rolls by a majority vote of the congregation.

In matters of discipline of the members shall be in the hands of the Pastor, no member shall be expelled until every effort has been made, including, if physically possible, personal visits to reclaim him (or her) for Christ and the Church as outlined in the Word of God. Members who violate the Constitution may be placed on the “disciplinary” roll by the Pastor. The names of all persons placed on the “disciplinary” roll shall be announced at the next regularly scheduled business meeting of the Church, and such action shall be subject to the will of the Congregation. Members causing trouble shall automatically be dropped from the membership role with announcement by the Pastor.

Those professing saving faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior shall, by the Pastor or some person authorized by the Church, be immersed in water in accordance with the Scriptural teaching. Immersion shall be prerequisite to church membership.

The Lord's Supper (Communion) shall be served to the assembled church by the Pastor, or some person designated by the church. Since it is the Lord's Table none who are His shall be barred, but the Pastor shall frequently state the Scriptural order, which places baptism by immersion as a prerequisite to Communion, and shall explain the meaning of the ordinances.

The officers of the Church shall consist of Pastor, Trustees, Treasurer, Secretary, all of whom, except the Pastor, shall have been a member of this Church for a period of at least one year before being eligible to hold any office.

The Pastor of this Church shall be a minister who is in full agreement with the Church Covenant, including the position of the Church on complete separation from apostasy and modernism. He shall be one who meets the requirements of the Word of God.

The Pastor shall be elected for an indeterminate term. Notice of the proposed choice of Pastor shall be given from the pulpit for two successive Sundays preceding the election, voting shall be by ballot, and two-thirds of the votes cast be required for election. The Church shall consider but one candidate for the Pastorate at one time, passing upon his acceptability or lack of acceptability, before considering another.

The Pastor shall give the Church a notice in writing not to exceed sixty (60) days and not less than thirty (30) days of his intention to discontinue as Pastor. The Church may by a two-third vote at a regularly called meeting declare the pulpit vacant, provided a notice of not less than sixty (60) days from the time this action is taken, be given the Pastor occupying the pulpit to vacate the same.

The Pastor shall be the Moderator of the Church and a member ex-officio of all boards and committees, with power to vote in case of tie. No meeting of these boards or committees shall be legal unless the Pastor has first been notified of such meeting and able to attend.

The Pastor shall be the under shepherd of the flock, preaching and teaching the Word of God without fear or compromise, having oversight of the Church, its ordinances, programs, and workers, and taking heed to himself and to the flock, not greedily as for personal gain, but eager to serve, not by constraint, but willingly, as an example to the flock. He shall fill the office with all fidelity, conduct the services, administer the ordinances, and counsel the members of the flock.

Trustees of this Church, representing this organization as its agent, must be Church Members who are in good standing and showing a commitment to the Church and furtherance of the Kingdom of God. They shall superintend improvements and perform any business assigned to them by the Church. They are at all times servants of the Church and subject to its organizational action. They shall not have authority to sell, lease, or give away or dispose of Church property in any way until the Church shall request it by a organizational act.

The Church shall elect from its membership a Treasurer for a term decided by the Church. The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the church and apply the same as directed by the Church; keep a true and fair record of accounts and make a full report to the Church at each meeting and when otherwise directed by the Church. The Treasurer shall with at least two members of the Church count all monies received.

The Church shall elect from its membership a Secretary. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all business meetings and record all financial funds. The Secretary shall have charge of the official correspondence, and shall keep a record of receptions and terminations of members, marriages, and baptisms. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as properly belong to the office and make full report to the Church at each business meeting and when otherwise directed.

At such times when the church is without a Pastor, a committee shall be elected from the membership of those in good standing, to seek a new pastor. The new pastor shall be elected with a two thirds vote from the members in good standing.

Other committees and persons to serve may be appointed by the Pastor for example, such committees may be Visitation, Flowers, Music, Hospitality, Transportation, Usher, Building, Special Financial Committee, or others as the need arises. Each Chairman must be a member in good standing of the Church. Each Chairman shall be instructed as to duties and shall be instructed to give reports to the Pastor and to the Church.

Church membership shall be a prerequisite for persons selected to serve as Choir Director, Officers, Pianist and Choir Members shall be members of this Church in good standing, there will be other committees appointed as circumstances dictate, but none shall be started without the consent of the Church.These committees is subject to the control of the Church through its Constitution and voted church policy. Literature for all such shall be approved by the Pastor. All officers of these organizations must abide by the statement of Faith, Church Covenant and Rules of Order.

Special business meetings may be called by the Pastor, or upon written request of any ten (10) eligible voting members, provided public notice is given of the same on the Lord's Day preceding, except that those for calling or dismissing a Pastor shall be given public notice for two (2) preceding Sundays. At such a meeting, two thirds of the active members shall decide a call for a new pastor. However, routine business may be done, when necessary, at any stated meeting of the Church without regard to the above requirements. The Pastor shall have authority to call an emergency meeting in event of any matter needing immediate attention.

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing present or at a called business meeting providing that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given from the pulpit for two Sundays prior to the meeting at which action is desired.