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Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

If you have any prayer requests please let us know, we will update the list every week so be sure to add your request back after every week if need be you can call them in or email them. This page will also serve as a bulletin board.

Fundamental Baptist Preaching Services
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Ricky Posey
Sandra Ivy
Lynn Scott
Sandra Pullam
Salvation for family and friends
Leigh Ann Norman Fowler
Odel Taylor
Marshall Newgent
Marcella Scott
​Alvin Steele
Mrs. Kent
​Seber Family
Junita Koonce and family
Sister Destiny Nichols
Bro. Bill Knight and Karen
S.W. and family 
Unspoken requests
Our Country
Our Armed Forces
Our elected officials to get morals and do what is right instead of for financial gain
The Pastors across America to get the nerve to preach the truth and not worry about being politically correct
For all of the ones who claim to be Christian to start acting like they are
Jerry Yates
Family and friends of Lex Hide
Linda Tate
For the families who lost loved ones
Curtis Parker
Brian Williams
Victoria Williams
Jody Perry
Linda Knight
Tangela Warren
Michelle Cox
Amelia Maynard
Judy Moore
Denise Cocke
Lost family and friends
Paul Henderson
Cynthina Bastion family
Dheeman and his family